Friday, April 23, 2010

Puckerbrush School

The school known formally as Ottercreek No. 3 but informally as Puckerbrush was built on Pleasant Ridge in Ottercreek Township during 1869. This was in the far northwest corner of Lucas County not far from the Clarke County line.

Puckerbrush remained in use until the spring of 1963 when it became the final country school to be consolidated into the Chariton Community School District.

In 1967, the building was purchased for a bid of $1 from the Chariton school district by Irene Garton and Norma Pim. It was moved to the museum campus in 1968 by the Keith Kent Construction Co., restored and opened formally to the public in 1969. It was the first addition to the museum campus following renovation and opening of the A.J. Stephens House.

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