Genealogical Research in Lucas County

Because of the exceptional work of the Lucas County Genealogical Society, the Lucas County Historical Society does not maintain a genealogical collection. Read on for more information about genealogical research in Lucas County.

What the Society does have is a large collection of photographs --- individual portraits (many unidentified), school-related photographs, business- and organization-related photographs and more. Be warned, however, that work is just beginning on organizing this collection and at the moment it is not easily accessible. You are welcome to inquire about it, however. We also have a few family histories that have been donated to our collection (easily accessible) and some documents related to families and events (not easily accessible).

The Lucas County Genealogical Society's exceptional research library is located in two rooms on the lower level of the Chariton Public Library, located a block east of the northeast corner of the city square. These room are open to researchers whenever the library is open and staffed on a somewhat irregular basis by volunteers. For more information about library hours, click here.

Included in the Genealogical Society's collection is a comprehensive collection of Lucas County newspapers on microfilm, a comprehensive collection of early courthouse records also on microfilm, hundreds of family histories, a card index of obituaries and other family information, census records and more. You may contact the Genealogical Society directly at this e-mail address:

What perhaps is the Genealogical Society's most amazing asset is an index to vital records found in all existing issues of Chariton newspapers compiled by Darlene Arnold. Fortunately for researchers, that index is available online through the Chariton Public Library Web site. You may access it by clicking here.

In addition, Lynne Wilson maintains a blog that is updated frequently and is devoted almost entirely to genealogical research and local history in Lucas County. You may access the Lucas County Genealogical Society blog by clicking here.