How the Society Operates

The Lucas County Historical Society is intended to be a membership-driven organization. Annual dues are $5, designed to be affordable to all, for a membership year that runs from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31.

The Society and its Museum are administered by a 16-member Board of Directors, including four officers. Board members serve three-year terms; officers are elected annually for one-year terms by the board.

Current board members are Frank Mitchell, Ilene Church, Rodney Peterson, Jerry Pierschbacher, Fred Steinbach, Jim Secor, Bob Ulrich, Darlene Arnold, Kay Brown, Ron Christensen, Bill Marner, Joe Sellers, Frank Myers, Adam Bahr, Lucinda Burkhalter and Steve Laing..

Current officers are Frank D. Myers, president; Adam Bahr, vice-president; Steve Laing, treasurer; and Lucinda Burkhalter, secretary.

Marilyn Johnson is curator, responsible for overseeing museum collections; and three people provide services on a contract basis --- Kathleen Dittmer, guide and office associate; Trish Letz, cleaning; and Keith Prough, mowing.