Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The windmill rises

After a week of wonderful dry early autumn weather, conditions finally were right on Tuesday for Rick Hamilton to position a wrecker and lift the LCHS windmill into position at its new location on the downslope west of the barn. Ron and Warren stabilized the head Tuesday morning and Bill joined the effort in the afternoon to touch up the mill's new paint job.

The windmill will be a focal point during our fall celebration on Saturday morning, Oct. 16. Stay tuned for more details and we hope you'll be able to attend.

As you may remember, the windmill (formerly located south of the barn in an area where it no longer was clearly visible) was badly damaged in a storm. Ron took the tower to his shop for repairs, creating an innovative base to which the tower could be hinged --- then pulled into position and bolted down. In between downpours this summer, the tower was returned to the museum campus, repositioned and the base secured in concrete, the head reattached and the entire mill repainted.

All that was necessary for the final step was a stretch of dry weather long enough to make the slope where it sits safe enough to raise the mill into position. That's done now and we're all delighted. The windmill is now clearly visible to east-bound drivers on Court Avenue a half block down the hill.

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