Saturday, August 31, 2013

Family Connections

      It already looks like the month of September will be pretty busy for a lot of people in Lucas County. A couple of things stand out for me though.  a few years ago some cousins and I got together and decided to try and revive our family reunion. It is a lot of work for something that only lasts three or four hours and sometimes isn't very well attended. This year our "Terrell Family Reunion" will be a little special for some of the cousins. On September twenty second,  Carl L Cavines will be one of the  people the Chariton Historic Cemetary Heritage Tour  "Homecoming" will be honoring. How does this affect me? My grandmother was Iva Caviness-Terrell, niece of Carl. I have always been interested in my Caviness connection, they are a somewhat diverse group. 
     When I started volunteering at the museum I was curious why Carl wasn't honored as the first soldier killed in the line of duty, from Lucas county during WWI. Sue Terrell and I decided to change that. Sue did a lot of research about young Carl, while I rounded up some photographs.  Now my daughter Kylie Dittmer is writing the story of Carl. It will soon be on display at Lucas County Historical Society Museum. At the cemetary tour, my son Patrick Dittmer, will put on his army uniform and tell the story of our family member, Carl L Caviness and why he is one of the people being honored that day. 

Carl L Caviness

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