Saturday, August 17, 2013

Visiting the Lucas County Historical Museum

While I am out and about in Chariton, I often get asked questions about the Lucas County Historical Museum, but of all the questions I get asked, the most common is, "Do you give a lot of tours?"  My usual answer to this question is somewhat noncommittal:  "Yes and No." There are weeks that quite a few tours are given and then we can hit a dry spell and not have any tours for a few days.  But what I have observed about the tours that I have given at the Lucas County Historical Museum is that most of them are given to out of town guests.  These guests sometimes consist of people who are possibly driving through and see the signs or sometimes these guests are people who were originally from Chariton and are stopping in to reminisce, and sometimes these visitors had family from Chariton and want to stop in to see the history of that family.  For example, the great grandchildren of Tommy Holder recently came in to see his display.

gr grandchildren of the late Tommy Holder l-r Clay Rosenberger, Lacie Holder & Sarah Carmona

We are always glad to have our out of town guests, but what makes me a little sad, is how I am often told by current citizens of Chariton, that they have never been to the museum or have not been there since they toured it in fourth grade.  To this I always say, "Come back and visit, a lot has changed."

 There is always something going on at Lucas County Historical Society Museum.  It may not always be a tour, some people stop to do research and ask questions of our knowledgeable board members and volunteers, which I will get in to at a later time.  Some people are looking for information on a specific subject or to see familial items that have been donated.  Some people just come to events and leisurely tour the grounds while enjoying local entertainment.  Other times, volunteers are working at the museum to improve the grounds and the buildings.  

But whatever the reason for visiting the museum, we are always happy to welcome our guests.  


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